Plant a Seed

There’s no way we can grow kids alone.  We need your help!

Please Support

All  monetary and in-kind gifts are greatly appreciated.  If you want to make a most meaningful impact in the lives of the kids, consider joining our Circle of Sowers:

    • 12-4-12 Contributors commit to giving $12 a month each year ($144/year).
    • 12×12-4-12 Contributors commit to giving $144 a month each year ($1728/year)
    • Or anything beyond or in between (12x12x12-4-12, 12+12-4-12… why just stick with twelves… 100×5-4-24…)

Consistent giving allows us to better plan our services to young people.

Kid Cultivators also has specific resource needs that can be met through either your in-kind or restricted monetary investment.  Those needs include:

    • Scholarships for worthy parents and students
    • T-shirts for fund-raising and programming
    • High Megapixel Digital Camera
    • High Megapixel Digital Video Camera
    • High Capacity External Hard Drive
    • Gardening supplies & equipment
    • Office supplies
    • Laser color printer
    • 3000+ lumens LCD projector
    • Portable projection screen
    • Wireless lapel and handheld microphones
    • Portable mixer, amplifier & speakers
    • Transportation with signage–preferably diesel mini-vans
    • Ideal place from which to stage our efforts

If you see something with which you know you can help, please don’t hesitate.  Your investment allows us to serve more efficiently and effectively.