The Stories in which We Find Ourselves™

The question of sustainability in matters of faith is perhaps the trickiest domain to address organizationally. Our desire is to affirm all positive ways of being in the world, whether acts of faith or not. Therefore, our intuitions are toward interfaith endeavors. Nonetheless, we are cognizant that Kid Cultivators grew out of specifically Judeo-Christian impulses.

A few years back Kid Cultivators‘ founder, Melvin Bray, became deeply concerned about the stories used to pass faith along to the next generation. Recognizing that no telling of the biblical narrative is neutral, he was gripped by how Judeo-Christian stories are traditionally told in precisely the way one might in order to produce the social realities we have. From that moment, as a storyteller, he set about re-imagining stories of faith so that his telling of them never failed to affirm the best intuitions of the Judeo-Christian tradition. Kid Cultivators has since sought to collect these and other re-imaginings of the biblical narrative from other authors. We also offer a writing workshop called Stories that COMPOST to help guide people in a community-based re-imagining process. Stories collected so far are available at The Stories in which We Find Ourselves. For the most part stories are targeted to a middle school audience, but stretch down and up a few years quite well.

The Stories in which We Find Ourselves began as a joint project between Kid Cultivators and Emergent Village. We are currently seeking other partners and/or collaborators as well as a publisher.