Provisioning is an old term seldom used nowadays which simply means “securing what one needs for a journey”. Life is the journey our participants are on, and there are certain experiences that enable one to travel most sustainably. Our goal is to give the kids in our programs those experiences particularly around creating opportunities for more than themselves, making contribution no matter the environment and not causing others to suffer for their gains.

Although we teach program participants that provisioning is far more than revenue generation, revenue generation is a significant part of it. Our plan is to cultivate cooperative revenue generation over time within existing initiatives, as opposed to starting programs specifically to meet this need that presents itself in the lives of the populations we serve as well as for the organization itself.

All facets of provisioning, as well as all we’ve learned in exploration of the other themes, will ultimately come together to resource a rehabilitative retreat for youth rescued from domestic minor sex-trafficking (formerly referred to as commercial sexual exploitation). The retreat will serve as an ongoing example of human ecological balance, making it ideal space for kids who’ve experienced the unthinkable to find themselves again.

While at the retreat, participants will participate in The Life Garden home-school tutorial and enrichment program in order to continue with their academic studies. Upon completion of our program, participants will return to their homes or be placed in suitable foster homes in the Atlanta metropolitan area. Each participant who has successfully completed our program will be given the choice to continue his/her education with The Life Garden the following year.

The last stage of programming for our eleven-month participants will provide an opportunity for our second target market to benefit from our facilities. Eleven-month participants (with the help of KCinc staff) will coordinate a summer camp for youth identified by their schools, churches or civic organizations as kids who make a habit of seeking the good of others. We want to provide week-long adventures for the “good guys” in our communities who are often overlooked for the sake of helping those who are considered most “at risk.”