Bolstering Parents, Mentors, Youthworkers & Teachers

Skill-building Workshops


    Parenting on Purpose: What’s In Your Toolbox?
    Use what you’ve got to creatively solve issues in your home. Find out about other tools you can add to benefit yourself and your family.

    Parenting on Purpose: Family Goals & Vision Boarding
    Discover how having family goals can set the tone in your home. Learn steps to flesh out your goals. Create a vision board to display in your home.

    Parenting on Purpose: Family Ties
    Success in life begins at home. What happens when a parent and child aren’t improper relationship with one another? Who is there to help the child navigate the more difficult passages of life? This workshop is designed to involve parents and adolescents together, practicing the skills of healthy parent–child interaction.

    Parenting on Purpose: Not Raising a Menace
    Children learn to value what their parents value for them. Sadly, even well-meaning parents often unwittingly encourage the most unsustainable attitudes and actions in their children and are then flabbergasted at how their children turn out. In his presentation parents learn how to avoid many of the pitfalls have haunted parents since antiquity.

    Parenting on Purpose: The Child Just Won’t Listen!
    If you’ve ever thought this, you’re absolutely right. Children learn with all five of their senses (and maybe more). The challenge becomes having a strategy that engages the whole job and keeps him/her mindful of how s/he should behave. Our Life Garden Discipline Strategy has worked for us, and it can work for you too–at home or at school.


    Homeschooling with Purpose: Made the Decision. Now What?
    Especially for newbies. Learn on the basics on how to get started.

    Homeschooling with Purpose: Beginning with the End in Mind
    Is it your intention to homeschool on up to college, to stop at high school, middle school or just go for a year or two? Knowing how long you plan to go can help you figure out what you need to accomplish in the time you have. Talk through the myriad considerations with facilitators who’ve taken multiple approaches.

    Homeschooling with Purpose: What’s Your Homeschooling Style?
    There are so many ways to homeschool. Come learn about some of the more popular styles as well as some of lesser known methods in which your children can learn at home.

    Homeschooling with Purpose: Setting Goals, Making Plans, Creating Schedules
    Learn the importance of and difference between each of these tasks. Learn some of the benefits of doing so at the beginning of a ‘school year’ to make your year go smoothly.

    Homeschooling with Purpose: Teaching Style / Learning Style
    Did you know that just like learning styles there are teaching styles? Come find out what you’re teaching style is and how it affects your child.

    Homeschooling with Purpose: Choosing Curricula Right for Your Family
    This how-to workshop is filled with information that will help you better identify what’s right for your family in the sea of curriculum options.

    Homeschooling with Purpose: Managing More Than One
    In this workshop, you’ll be given ideas and suggestions on how to move between multiple children on different levels.

    Homeschooling with Purpose: Your Homeschool Budget
    This workshop walks you through budgeting ideas/suggestions for your homeschool year.

    Homeschooling with Purpose: Record Keeping
    There are myriad ways to keep track of what’s going on in your homeschool. Learn what methods and software are out there for documenting each year of your learning.

    Homeschooling with Purpose: Subject-area Workshops
    These workshops are geared for specific subject areas and are very interactive as participants are encouraged to bring their resources and questions to get feedback on and ideas for the upcoming school year. These workshops can be tailored to specific curricula depending upon need. Subject-area breakdowns: Language Arts (Grammar, Phonics, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Handwriting); Mathematics; Social Studies & History; Science & Health; P.E., Recreation, Extracurricular Activities & Social Skills.

    Homeschooling with Purpose: How-To Workshops
    -How-to Teach Reading
    -How-to Create Your Own Unit Studies
    -How-to Teach Writing
    -How-to Teach Math
    -How-to Make a Lapbook
    -How-to Do Nature Study
    -How to Prepare for a Homeschool Conference/Expo (tips & experiences from others)


    Worms Ate Her Garbage!
    Did you know that worms can turn food waste into everything plants need to grow? Learn how to construct and maintain a worm bin and use the resulting vermi-compost as fertilizer for your garden. Join the quest to discover how worms and composting keep our environment help scratch were healthy and decrease the size of our garbage dumps. (All ages)

    Grow Your Own
    Why by vegetables and flowers from the supermarket when you can grow your own learn how to start, tend a hand harvest your own produce in the quest to find the healthiest way to get the food you need. Whether your interest is raised growing beds, indoor microgreens or soil-less growing, we can help. And you don’t even need land to do it. (All ages)

Relational Leadership

    Did you know that ‘heart–smarts’ impact personal success much more than ‘head–smarts’ ever will? Skills such as tenacity, optimism, self-discipline and empathy are a part of what we call ‘heart–smarts’ or emotional intelligence. To master these skills is to master self and to increase your ability to build strong relationships. Share in small group activities especially designed to help students, teachers and parents improve the quality of their interaction with each other.

    Together We Stand
    All the talent in the world won’t guarantee a team’s success. Unless team members live as a team, worked as a team and think as a team, they will never consistently succeed as a team. Learn the secrets of group success; then put them into practice and our very own team tournament of champions.

    In the Companies of Colleagues
    Leaders are the agents of growth, change and its service in any team . Leaders must be convinced of the principles of team success even more deeply than their team members. Through a series of introspective and cooperative activities and discussions designed for leaders, learn how to establish and maintain a culture of creativity within your team that will have you effectively fulfilling your mission, expanding your vision and meeting the needs of all those you serve.

    There are three ways to handle conflict: (1) avoid it; (2) improve relations; or (3) eliminate interaction altogether. The challenge is how to know when to do which. How do you decide? Once you’ve decided how do you make your intentions reality? Discover your options with us using real-life scenarios. Strengthen your skill and resolve to live in peace… no matter the cost.

    Building Bridges
    Differences between cultures and generations, though real, are not meant to divide. They are meant to fuel a creative tension that if harnessed can change the world. Learn how to bridge the man may divide between races and/or ages by confronting the issues of race and age head-on with someone unlike yourself.

Public Speaking

Sustainability is an ethic that has manifested in various societies and faith traditions all over the world for much of recorded time. It seems people have always known that there are some ways of being in the world more in rhythm with nature than others. Though persistent, sustainability’s prominence has ebbed and flowed. This back and forth between the center and margin of societal concern appears to have some link to the myths of a people. This leads our director, Melvin Bray, to wonder in most public speaking engagements, “What are the faith-based, cultural or political stories we tell that either encourage or undermine sustainable living?”

Garden Parties

Whether your event is a simple get-together, birthday party, change of seasons celebration or fundraiser, we can help you plan it with a garden theme. Events include whatever would be the desired portion of a garden setting, garden themed favors and decor and garden activities for children and adults. Make your next gathering one to remember by planning it with us.

Learning Materials

For the time being, our only proprietary learning materials are The Stories in which We Find Ourselves. Beyond that, we freely recommend any of the materials on the Resource page of our website. From materials on parenting to gardening to story to music you will find a wealth of healthy inputs that have informed and shaped our work with youth, youthworkers and both their families over the years.