NEIGHBORING is embodied in a myriad of ways. Most involve an attempt to collaborate with other organizations seeking similar ends through other means.

Annual Days of Observance

Each year we commemorate several United Nations recognized days of observance. Twenty thirteen saw us celebrate World Food Day through artistic activism with Hammonds House Museum. Twenty fourteen will bring us into collaboration with others, including the new National Center for Civil and Human Rights.

Days of observance for 2014 include:

  • World Water Day (22 Mar)
  • Earth Day (22 Apr)
  • World Environment Day (5 June)
  • International Day of Peace (21 Sept)
  • World Food Day (16 Oct)

Particulars about each observances will go up as they are confirmed.

Together We Thrive

Together We Thrive is a near-future service learning opportunity for multifaith groups of teens. Our plan is to invite each group to co-create a project that addresses some basic human dignity lacking in a community in the metro-Atlanta area (i.e. the basic human dignities of food, water, clothing, shelter, education, peace, green-space, living-wage and healthcare). For example, one group might prepare and deliver organic meals to elderly cancer patients every other week. During the off weeks participants would reflect together on the parts of their individual faith traditions that inform their service. They would share their sacred myths and familial stories. In addition, they would also reflect on the social, political and economic structures that create the healthcare indignity they’ve been seeking to address and pursue the chance to advocate for systemic redress of the indignity they have encountered.

Service learning projects will give teens opportunity to practice the ethics of sustainability they’ve learned from the garden in other domains of life.