Seeding Gardens & Discovery

Garden Starting

One of the great things that happens when you start a garden is that you don’t have to remind folks to learn, get along or have fun–they just do! Another great thing is that old people start to talk to young people and, as India.Arie sings, it makes both better people all around.

Let us coordinate your garden starting event to bring together both young and old in the process of learning how to grow in rhythm with the earth. Bring our experience to bear on installation day to respond to unexpected challenges that can arise. We will manage your installation volunteers with the skill of veterans in the coordination of hands-on community projects.

Garden Parties

Whether your event is a simple get-together, birthday party, change of seasons celebration or fundraiser, we can help you plan it with a garden theme. Events include whatever would be the desired portion of a garden setting, garden themed favors and decor and garden activities for children and adults. Make your next gathering one to remember by planning it with us.

Discovery-Learning Classes

A discovery-learning class is an 8-week series of 90-minute classes or 12-week series of 60-minute classes. They are all hands-on, cooperative, discover-as-you-go experiences that participants will love. Right now there is only one, but it’s amazing!

Garden Club
Hosting a garden club at your school, community center or place of worship is the perfect way to learn by doing. Garden clubs provide for the weekly maintenance of newly started gardens. In most situations club gardeners take onsite responsibility for coordination of composting initiatives, the care of livestock, the tending of growing beds and the upkeep of installed systems. Club gardeners young and old grow closer together, closer to the earth and more in touch with themselves.
garden club

Amakiasu’s People’s Village Project
The People’s Village Project is a landmark innovation in discovery learning that engages young people in the collaborative process of creating vital, supportive, and sustainable communities. Throughout the project, participants from 6 yrs and up develop leadership skills, learn to work cooperatively and practice the art of conflict prevention and resolution. Cultivating these skills at a young age serves as a preventative measure against many societal ills impacting children and adults, including bullying, isolation, alienation and the callous disregard we often have for one another.

Participants in the project are introduced to design shifts in community planning, that can facilitate more frequent human interaction with nature and each other and ameliorate some of the environmental issues facing our planet, such as:

  • Global climate change
  • Endangerment and extinction of plants and animals
  • Depletion of essential resources such as fresh water, fertile land and fossil fuels
  • Overcrowding in urban areas and its ramifications


Day in the Life of a Farmer
Wake up with a farmer (metaphorically, of course) and race the sun to get all your chores done. Activities range from a general tour an overview of the farm for younger ones to actual farm projects for older groups. Come along on a quest to discover what makes natural sustainable farming the best. (All ages)

Treasure hunt to discover the things we do that you can do to to maintain good relationship with mother Earth. It’s a quest to care for the earth so it will in turn care for us. (Ages 9 & up)

Worms Ate Her Garbage!
Did you know that worms can turn food waste into everything plants need to grow? Learn how to construct and maintain a worm bin and use the resulting vermi-compost as fertilizer for your garden. Join the quest to discover how worms and composting keep our environment help scratch were healthy and decrease the size of our garbage dumps. (All ages)

Grow Your Own
Why by vegetables and flowers from the supermarket when you can grow your own learn how to start, tend a hand harvest your own produce in the quest to find the healthiest way to get the food you need. Whether your interest is raised growing beds, indoor microgreens or soil-less growing, we can help. And you don’t even need land to do it. (All ages)

Sustainability Consulting

Whether in the areas of Garden-Based Learning, Creation Care or Health & Wellness, we have the know-how, relationships and technologies to help you accomplish your goals.

Systems Design & Construction

Choose from raised growing beds, natural fertilizer systems, microgreen systems, chicken coops and pens, rain water capture systems or soil-less growing systems. We can design the sustainable system to meet your needs in a manner that provides both utility and aesthetic sensibility.

Public Speaking

Sustainability is an ethic that has manifested in various societies and faith traditions all over the world for much of recorded time. It seems people have always known that there are some ways of being in the world more in rhythm with nature than others. Though persistent, sustainability’s prominence has ebbed and flowed. This back and forth between the center and margin of societal concern appears to have some link to the myths of a people. This leads our director, Melvin Bray, to wonder in most public speaking engagements, “What are the faith-based, cultural or political stories we tell that either encourage or undermine sustainable living?”

Learning Materials

For the time being, our only proprietary learning materials are The Stories in which We Find Ourselves. Beyond that, we freely recommend any of the materials on the Resource page of our website. From materials on parenting to gardening to story to music you will find a wealth of healthy inputs that have informed and shaped our work with youth, youthworkers and both their families over the years.