Sustainable We™

This is the initiative that birthed most of our current fee-based services. Through our Cultivator Clubs, we teach the gospel of sustainable practices in hopes of creating a future that’s “not only sustainable, but regenerative,” as consultant Pam Whilhelms says. We tell participants that sustainability is all about observing the rhythms by which nature does her work and aligning ourselves with them. We go on to say that, if we find that our current systems of being and doing don’t allow for better alignment, then our task is simple: “Build better systems!”

This regenerative future toward which we strive is not one that will be brought about by just one person, one group or one community. Thankfully we don’t have to worry about that since we find ourselves a part of the largest social movement on record, according to environmentalist Paul Hawken. We’re just happy to be a part of it and want to invite as many as we can along for the adventure.

Sustainable Living™

Kid Cultivators’ first initiative was Successful Living™, a series of trainings designed to grow teens and those who work with them through relationship, leadership and character development. Later we added trainings related to growing food, referring to them as LifeGarden Quests. We now refer to all our training collectively as Sustainable Living. Sustainable Living fieldtrips, workshops and service learning projects train youth and the adults in their lives in the habits of character, leadership, relational and agricultural sustainability.

We offer our trainings independently and as supplemental programming to organizations that are already providing services to our target groups. Previous service partners and clients include the Center for Pan-Asian Community Services, Heifer International and The Paideia School via Glover Family Farm as well as BCJ Academy, Morris Brown Upward Bound, State YMCA of Georgia, Young Life, the School for the Common Good and other schools, civic organizations and faith communities throughout the US.

Below is a list of our nature-based trainings. You can find a list of character, leadership, relational trainings here.

A Farm Near You Fieldtrip
Take the BEST field trip of the year! Learn how to raise livestock, nurture plants and peddle produce—like real farmers. Have fun fixing and eating fresh fruit and veggies straight from the source. Investigate how to get bugs to work with us to grow the food we need. Find the connection between healthy earth, healthy food, healthy community and being a great kid. Each fieldtrip focuses on a specific theme (e.g. worms, chickens, bees, microgreens). For more details or to register go here. (All ages)

A Farm Near You Service Learning Project
Learn MORE from work, sweat and dirt than you ever thought possible! Our aim is to engage you in better ways of being in the world, while at the same time introducing you to a local farm or garden (on occasion, nature preserve or other under-utilized green space). We believe it is important to know where our food comes from and to participate in the maintenance of those systems. We also believe it is important to think deeply and act intentionally regarding cooperative ways of sharing our planet, and our service learning quests provide the perfect opportunity to do just that. Be the one who steps up. See the unique contributions only you can make. Discover the connection between good earth, good work, good food, good community and a great you! For more details or to register go here. (15 &amp up)

EarthSmarts Workshop
Treasure hunt to discover the things we do that you can do to to maintain good relationship with mother Earth. It’s a quest to care for the earth so it will in turn care for us. (Ages 9 & up)

Worms Ate Her Garbage! Workshop
Did you know that worms can turn food waste into everything plants need to grow? Learn how to construct and maintain a worm bin and use the resulting vermi-compost as fertilizer for your garden. Join the quest to discover how worms and composting keep our environment help scratch were healthy and decrease the size of our garbage dumps. (All ages)

Grow Your Own Workshop
Why buy vegetables and flowers from the supermarket when you can grow your own learn how to start, tend a hand harvest your own produce in the quest to find the healthiest way to get the food you need. Whether your interest is raised growing beds, indoor microgreens, soil-less growing or container gardening, we can help! (All ages)